​​​​​​​The Faxe Limestone Quarry lies east of Faxe. Those who go down into the quarry, find themselves on a 63 million year old seabed, where sharks, crocodiles and squids swam among lovely corals.

These, along with countless other accumulated sea creatures and plant organisms, formed the limestone. Corals, shark's teeth, crabs and mussel shells are among the many fossils held by the limestone.The limestone was used for centuries as building material. In olden times, the farmers dug smaller lime pits, which were refilled after the limestone was broken up. Only in the mid-18th Century a primary quarry established by the manors Vemmetofte, Bregentved, Rosendal and Gavnø.

In year 1900, 200 workers were employed by the limestone quarry. A quarry worker usually came from a family of quarry workers. He began working in the quarry, when he got married. With a bit of luck, by the age of 40-50, he could save enough money to buy a small farm.

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